Business Listings

Show You’re / Your Awesome!

Business Listings are central to and allow you to feature all that’s incredible about your business. Images, video, text, a map of your location, the actual live local weather and all your contact info (including all your Social Media links and Twitter Feed) rolled into one visually pleasing, concise package to give the visitors to all they need to explore all it is you have to offer and to get in touch or share the listing with others.

Each Business Listing comes with the same content and functionality

  • Your listing in the applicable category and geographic region for the term chosen on a recurring subscription basis
  • Paid listings will be displayed as ‘Verified’
  • You may post unlimited events to your listing at no additional charge
  • Each listing may contain one video (hosted by you on YouTube or similar service)
  • Each listing may contain a ‘cover’ image (main banner image) as well as a photo gallery with a maximum of six images
  • Each listing may contain links to your Web site and Social Media accounts as well as your hours of business, email address, physical location and telephone number

Terms of one month (30 days) and annual (365 days) are both available.

Any subscription may be cancelled at any time upon the completion of the current term (for example, at the end of the next 30 day or 365 day period). No refunds will be provided mid-term.

Promoted Annual Listings

A ‘Promoted’ Annual listing is also available on an annual term. All promoted listings appear on the site home page in a ‘carousel’ as well as at the top of lists in which they appear. Should there be more than one promoted listing they are presented in alphabetical order.

Franchise Listings

Businesses with multiple locations within Ontario may purchase multiple listings at a reduced rate.

Franchise Listings are only available on an annual basis, with the discount being provided on the annual regular package (non-promoted).  Please contact us for more information or to purchase Franchise Listings.

Business Listings may be purchased online.

Franchise Listings maintain the same content (with the exception of the local contact information) and appearance of the main listing to maintain your corporate branding.  We’ll provide you with a simple spreadsheet template for you to list your locations which will be used to load them onto

All prices listed are subject to the applicable taxes and payable in advance.

Photographs are to be submitted in the appropriate format and size or an additional preparation fee may be required. Regional, Locality, Community  and Category Sponsors must reflect the location or category and are subject to acceptance. The term “images” on this page refers to photographs of either the exterior or interior of the sponsoring business so as to match the overall site appearance. Graphics listing menus, sales or other features may be displayed on the sponsor’s own Business Listing’s (supplied at no charge) image gallery.