Locality Sponsor (City or Town)

Your business will be featured as the background on the Tier 2 Locality home page (as pictured). This image should be 1920px by 1080px (FHD) and will occupy the full width and the top 75% of the visitor’s browser viewport.

Tier 2 Localities are a smaller geographic area within a Region. Examples would be Barrie within Bruce Grey SimcoePrince Edward County in Southeast Ontario or Toronto within the Greater Toronto Area.

Images must be of your business (as displayed) and not a graphic of your logo or listing your services.

Locality (Tier 2) Sponsorships are available on an exclusive basis (single sponsor per Locality) and annual term at a charge of $2,500 (paid annually in advance).

An existing Locality Sponsor may renew for a further term of one year at any point prior to the expiration of the current term.  Should the current Locality Sponsor decline to renew prior to the expiration of their current term the position will become vacant and available.


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