Featured Business Listing (Annual Subscription)

$790.00 / year

Our full-featured Business Listing on an annual term and rate, FEATURED AT THE TOP OF ALL OTHER LISTINGS as well as in a carousel on the main home page of myOntario.ca


All of our Business Listings offer full functionality and maximize the information you may post to publicize your business.  The following is a list of the details and features which you may edit any time.
  • Full title of your business
  • Your corporate slogan, if desired
  • A full description of your business which may include links and media
  • A full HD cover image of your business
  • Your logo, if desired
  • Up to six (6) images included on your listing presented in a gallery format, if desired
  • An embedded (third party hosted) video, if desired
  • Your contact email, available via a contact form on your listing
  • Your contact phone number, available from your listing
  • A link to your Web site
  • Links to all of your Social Media accounts, if desired
  • Your business hours, if desired
  • Your business location, both listed and plotted on a map with a link for directions
  • Your chosen listing category or categories
  • Any applicable ‘tags’ for your listing
  • A price ‘range’ for your business, if desired
The Featured Annual subscription is for a period of one year and renews automatically until cancelled.


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